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Week 35 Checkup!

Today was the week 35 checkup with Dr. Thigpen. Amanda went by herself and it was a pretty short and sweet visit. Rhett has turned upside down (how he’s supposed to be) and hopefully he’ll stay that way!

We’re starting to feel the pressure with only 32 days to go. His room is packed ceiling to floor with diapers and all kinds of other things! We were able to put together his co-sleeper for our room once he comes home. It’s pretty neat because it sits right up next to Amanda’s side of the bed so he’s right there with us, but not in the bed with us. It was a nice compromise. I know we’ll be super stressed out about him being home with us so it’ll be nice to be able to have him right there until he’s too big for it and we can move him to his crib. But we’ve got to get his room ready!!!

Rhett has been getting the hiccups lately, which is hilarious to me, but really annoying to Amanda. But at this point every time he moves it’s pretty exciting. With all of the craziness that is approaching it’s been really nice that the pregnancy portion has gone relatively smooth.

Amanda’s office, Azle Dental Care, is being amazing and all have I Heart Rhett shirts and are wearing them every Thursday at work. So if you are in the area and need a great dentist click the link and set an appointment! They’re the best in the biz.

Tick Tock…he’s getting closer and closer. We cant’ wait for him to be here. I’m hoping that I can ignore the surgery for one day and just focus on the amazingness of him being born. It’s hard to focus on with the imminence of the first surgery looming days after October 5th. I’m sure on that day it won’t be a problem, but it’s hard not to think that it will.

But nonetheless, excitement ensues!

Get big and ready kiddo, we’ve got your back!

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