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5 Days Away!

Well, the time is nearing awfully quickly. I can’t believe Rhett is almost here, but we are definitely ready to get see his face! Amanda had a visit with Dr. Thigpen today and he said everything was checking out fine and Rhett was facing down, with no sign of heart failure (different than heart defect). He said she’s his easiest patient…meanwhile I’m over here trying to figure out what pregnant woman is claiming to be my wife! Amanda has managed to lose a lb since last visit and is now sitting at a total of two lbs gained throughout the entire pregnancy.

We did get a slight surprise, we will be going into the hospital Sunday night as long as nothing changes. Apparently she hasn’t dilated at all and they’ll be giving her medicine to soften her cervix? Seriously people, I can’t make this stuff up. She will still be induced Monday, but they gotta get that cervix all soft first. I’ll go ahead and add that to my “sentences I never knew existed or thought I’d type” list.

I told Amanda I’d be a little late since the Cowboys game starts at 7:30. Much like the Cowboys 2nd half defense – that was a joke.

Since we have FIVE days until we are the hospital we have obviously had a lot to do to get ready. We’re super glad we finally got Rhett’s room mostly finished except for ONE picture from hobby lobby that we just cannot find. Every time we look they are sold out. If anyone finds it please just buy it and contact me and we’ll gladly repay, if you’ll just get it for us! In the picture gallery below it’s the white deer on the dark colored wood.

For Rhett’s room I really wanted to go with something that felt rugged but soft at the same time with earth tone colors just to seem peaceful and inviting. I really like we were able to capture the essence using some of Talon’s old bedroom furniture and getting a few things to hang on the wall it feels exactly like I hoped it would. I hope he likes it! Okay, i’ll cut the designer-speak and just say I like deer and fishing. That’s what it looks the way it does!

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It’s not all fun though, I know Amanda and I have been worried about leaving Talon. I’m hoping that he’s at a sweet spot age where he doesn’t quite understand totally, but he kind of understands that this is something we must do and that he has to be tough while staying at Amanda’s mom’s house. We’re hoping to spend some really good quality time with him this weekend and maybe by Sunday he’ll be sick of us. But seriously, we’re going to miss him and we can’t wait to have our family all under the same roof again. All FOUR of us!

We still have a little bit to do, Amanda is probably most stressed about packing for all four of us (I keep telling her I’ll be fine packing on my own). The big thing is making sure Talon is packed up, we have everything we need for Rhett, and about a week or so worth of clothing and everything for Amanda and me. I know her mom will be able to grab us anything we need from our house while we’re away and bring it up there to us. Picking out clothes for Rhett at the hospital was weird because we have no idea how often or how little he’ll actually get to wear clothes, but that didn’t stop us from overpacking as we always do!

I started a facebook page for Rhett so our family can update everyone as delivery day goes on and I can post some things to it that I wouldn’t normally post to my normal facebook, but if you’d like to follow along all you have to do is follow this link and you can “like” the page! https://www.facebook.com/iheartRhett


The time is drawing ever closer! I’ll be doing another blog Sunday after we check in!


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