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Week 34 Checkup!

October 5th is official! That leaves only 37 days until little Rhett is here…. eeeeek

Yesterday was the week 34 checkup. Another one that was pretty straight forward. Amanda had to get on the heart beat machine again, and apparently Rhett was not liking it cause he kept kicking it off. It wasn’t easy to get a good reading because it wasn’t registering. He started out at 150 bpm and made it to about 130 bpm and pretty much hovered there while the machine was actually reading.IMG_3324

Amanda has somehow managed to lose 2 lbs, but Rhett is growing as scheduled and is measuring a perfect 34 weeks. He weighs 5lbs! BUT, in typical Rhett form, he has decided that facing up and down was too boring so he’s now switched to sideways. But look at this face…how can I get mad?


So, the only bad news we really got is that Pigpen won’t be delivering on October 5th. Dr. Howard will be there in the morning and Dr. Bannie Tabor will be there in the afternoon and will likely be the one delivering. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet him before he lines up under center (football joke for anyone who’s counting).

The plan will be to check in on the morning of the 5th and induce, but the Doc will do a check the week before and decide if we need to check in on Sunday night. I’m really hoping that’s not the case because as everyone knows, the Cowboys play in New Orleans @ 7:30. That’s can’t miss TV.

The next full on check will be at 37 weeks, but Amanda will still be going weekly for generic checkups.

Seriously though, only 37 days to go. I’m hoping the days don’t just pass us by. Amanda has quite a list of things to do and I really want to get them all done so she can relax for the few days before what I’m banking on being the most stressful month of our lives.

As always, thank you for all of the shares and comments and likes. I’m so glad we aren’t in this alone.


ps. Go Cowboys!


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