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The Calm After the Storm and THE NAME!

It’s been a couple of days since we found out the news and I wanted to post again to make sure everyone reading along knows that we’re okay. We are optimistic for now and that’s all we can really be until we start to get into some of these test results and specialist visits.

It feels like it’s been a week since Friday and we can’t express enough how grateful we are for all of the comments, messages, texts, hugs, and phone calls that we have received of people offering advice and encouragement. It’s been overwhelming in the best way possible. It was comforting to hear about people who have worked with the doctors we will be visiting with and who have had experiences with Cooks whether through someone they know or themselves directly.
Amanda felt him move last night on the outside! It was very exciting and it felt like it was his first act of bravery and telling us that “hey, I ain’t going anywhere!” We are so excited to get to share this experience together and I know God wouldn’t put this in front of us if he didn’t know we could handle it. It’s going to be hard, but I’ve got the best partner I could ask for beside me for this whole deal. She’s strong when I can’t be and I’m her rock when she can’t find solid ground. She is my perfect match and I love her more every day.
The reveal was so fun! We laid in bed that night and it didn’t feel like we could get close enough. I think we fell asleep in about 30 seconds.
Saturday we went to Joey and Lisa Calhoun’s wedding with Amanda’s parents and it was exactly what we needed to kind of take our minds off of things. We had a great time and the wedding and venue were so awesome. Congratulations to the happy couple! Oh and take a look at this hottie!
Sunday was mother’s day so we went to Midlothian to spend time with my family at Ellis County BBQ and then back to mom’s house for some hangin’ out. Then we made the drive back to Azle to spend time with Amanda’s family. It was great to get to see everyone again after that crazy Friday we had.
We sat at mom’s house thinking of a name and we finally decided on one. See my family has a tradition where the boys get two middle names which makes the name picking process even more difficult to find a mixture of syllables and letters that flow and work together. We have decided on…
Rhett Parker Wyatt Spangler!
We wanted to give him a strong name just in case he ends up needing it. We are still hopeful that by some miracle this will somehow turn into the most boring pregnancy ever with Rhett being born to little fanfare and we can sit in our hospital room with a perfectly healthy baby boy.
Again, thank you all so much for the support and the prayers. Keep sending them up because we will need all the help we can get! We are unquestionably surrounded by the best family and friends anyone could ask for. For the strangers who read because of the people who shared the post, thank you as well for caring enough to read and to offer encouragement to complete strangers.
Rhett Spangler… we are in love already. #dadsimple

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