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Checkup / Enchant /Jadi’s Christmas Card

So first, I’ll get the business portion out of the way and then we’ll get to the semi-professional debut of Rhett the model.

Amanda is and has been so amazing at staying on top of the medical bills and scheduling appointments when it will be the cheapest for us whenever we have the luxury. Apparently, the last time we did our check up at Cook’s she discovered that if we would instead visit Dr. Roten at the Methodist hospital in Mansfield it would save $3,000. Yes, THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS for us to drive an extra 15 miles. Needless to say, we are all about that life now (when we can of course). Conveniently, my mom was working from home so Amanda and Rhett went to eat lunch with her afterwards.IMG_7816

The appointment on Wendesday went great, Rhett is currently at 30 lbs and his oxygen saturation was at 83% which made the doc’s very happy. Dr. Roten said his heart function was looking great and we are on track for surgery in early July as well as a cardiac catheterization in March or April. (If you’d like to read more about it you can click this link.) The heart cath is a pre-requisite to the Fontan procedure in July. I’ll follow up at a later time with my take on the Fontan procedure from a non medical mind trying to read/understand fancy medical terms.

Later on Wednesday we went to Enchant at the ballpark in Arlington. We went last year with the Ylda’s and had a great time, so we decided to go again this year, but the group was much bigger! A large portion of my family and Ashley’s family were there, so it was really good to see everyone even if it was only for a short period of time. Needless to say, 20 people trying to navigate a light maze together isn’t very practical, so we were separated, but I think everyone ended up having a really good time. I’d recommend it to everyone, especially with kids. They have ice skating and about a bajillion christmas lights. It’s pretty magical.IMG_3495IMG_3496


So My sister is growing a reputation for her annual Christmas card and this year she thought she’d parlay her fame into a little love for Team Rhett and his website along with a little shameless self promotion that she’s single! She loves all of her nephews and they all love her back. The photos from the shoot are pretty funny and Rhett seems to be a natural.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and happy New Year if I don’t get a chance to write between now and then. 2019 is on it’s way and July will be here faster than we’d hope. We are excited and terrified for the next step!






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