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37 Weeks, Talon’s Birthday, Maternity Picture Preview!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have only 17 days until Rhett and are at Week 37, which is FULL TERM! We are officially scheduled now for 8:00am induction on October 5th at Harris Downtown. Amanda went in to see Dr. Thigpen and everything went great. Rhett is weighing in a 6.7 lbs and is head down! Thigpen said he expects Rhett to grow another lb for each week, so hopefully we’re¬†looking at an 8.5lb+ baby boy. Momma has managed to gain just 3.5 lbs all the way through this thing so far…she’s a freak. Amanda’s next appointment is this upcoming Wednesday and then we will meet with the doctors on the Friday (Oct 2nd) before delivery to determine if we need to go in Sunday night rather than Monday morning. I’m really hoping for Monday morning rather than Sunday night (Cowboy game).

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Honestly though, I’m a little disappointed that I don’t get to have the middle of the night surprise water break rush to the hospital, but I know the best thing for Rhett is for us to follow the schedule. From what Amanda has said it sounds like Rhett will either have surgery on the Friday or Monday following his delivery, but I suppose we’ll see once everyone get’s a better look at him.

It’s hard to say how I’m going to feel. I think Sunday having the Cowboy game that night will help take my mind off of everything, but I doubt I’ll be able to sleep that night. Monday I think will be full of excitement with Rhett actually being born. After the crazy day it’ll just be me and Rhett in our little home away from home while Amanda has to stay overnight at Harris. I’m really looking forward to the father and son time, but I have a feeling the emotions will hit me then, but I’m excited to have some quiet time with him. I doubt I’ll be able to sleep that night. Tuesday I imagine will be focused mode. I predict a lot of appointments with doctors and cardiologists and information overload about what to expect over the next week. Hopefully Amanda will be released and can come stay with us! I doubt I’ll be able to sleep that night. It’s hard to say what the week will bring, but I’m so thankful for our family and friends that I know are gearing up to be there for us through it all. I’m trying not to think about Surgery day. Right now I’m just excited to see my baby boy.

For now we are focused on getting everything ready before the big day. We have been working on Rhett’s room and crossing things off of Amanda’s checklist daily. I finished Rhett’s changing table and couldn’t be more proud, I’m looking forward to changing that first diaper full of poop, but only because that means that Rhett will have made it home. I can’t wait to carry that little man through the door and show him all of the hard work we’ve been doing for him.


September 7th, we took maternity pics. I can’t wait to share all of the pictures with you, but here are some sneak peaks that Talon took with Amanda’s camera. Christie was so nice to let him take pictures and even help him. I really liked her and am glad that we’ll get to use her for most of Rhett’s pictures coming up. Talon took some that weren’t half bad, but I’ll save the actual preview for when Christie posts them on Facebook. We can’t wait!

IMG_2594 IMG_2590

September 12th was Talon’s THIRD birthday party. I know Rhett was excited to be there. Talon is growing up so fast and I cannot wait until I get to watch him grow alongside Rhett. He loves babies and is incredibly excited to be getting a little brother. We’ve been talking to him about Rhett being sick and he knows that Rhett is going to need medicine and the doctors are going to fix him so he can come home. He’s excited to get to stay with GaGa while we’re in the hospital. After the first week or so I think I’ll probably start staying home most nights and hopefully for some of those Talon will be able to come home and stay with me so he can play with all of his new toys he got for his birthday. Amanda and I were talking to him tonight and he brought up holding Rhett and we asked him “what if you can’t hold him?”, and he responded as kids always so perfectly do to make you smile, “I can hold him, he’s little bitty”. Side note: Sidewalk Chalk Paint is so legit, get some!

IMG_2625 IMG_2771

We’re ready to add another kiddo to this group of awesome cousins!


Despite all of the craziness that we’ve been handed with Rhett’s heart condition, life is so so good. We have the best friends and family and I get to wake up every day next to my favorite person in the world. We’ve got a tough road ahead, but I know we’ll be able to lift each other up and even manage to have fun somehow through Rhett’s hospital stay. I’m not asking for a miracle at this point, but if surgery can just go well and we don’t have anymore unseen surprises I’ll be very very happy.

So here we are, time is ticking faster than I could ever imagine and days are disappearing one after another, but I am ready…we are ready…I hope you are ready too kiddo. We’ll see you soon.



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